Resistencia Chaco

Resistencia Chaco LIVE: April 28th


Resistencia Chaco is a band headed by Augusto Urbini, who is the drummer and the composer of the music played by the group. Everything started at the end of year 2009 with Pablo Puntoriero on baritone sax, Ada Rave on tenor sax and Franco Fontanarrosa on bass. The band played a few concerts before the the guitarrist Nicolás Mu Sánchez joined the group to complete the Resistencia Chaco lineup that recorded the first album, on may 2011, called "Una puerta roja en algun lugar de la República Checa", recently released by the label "Viajero Inmovil". The guitarrist Sergio Alvarez was invited to play in the track "Infantodemonio".

Resistencia Chaco was born from the need to face daily reality, which is existentiall y pressing and oppresive. Resistencia Chaco is the demonstration of the justified and needed oposition, of the lack of pruritos and preestablished lines and boundarys. Somo kind of things are possible to be solved only by the force. It functions between 8 and 10.

The music o Resistencia Chaco is influenced by experimental metal, noise, Fernando Pessoa and the esta influenciada fundamentalmente por el metal experimental, el noise, por Fernando Pessoa and the disturbance theory.
It is about a red door somewhere un Czech Republik, being Czech Repúblic actually an exchangeable term with Resistencia Chaco. So, the red door may be in the city of Resistencia, Argentina, not being red, or it may not be even a door, or maybe yes, painted in another colour, with a differente shape, somewhere else, in the same timeline or another.