Augusto Urbini

My career in music started at a very early age making a drum set out of saucepans and other stuff round the house. There are even some homemade recordings which I still don’t have the nerve to listen to, but I recall they were recorded in a cassette with a maroon and blue cover. One day I will just have to take it out of the drawer and see what that beginning was all about.

After those early days, my career went on and I turned to an electric guitar which I still keep and which now helps me express ideas which turn into tracks for my band ‘Resistencia Chaco’. In those early days, I remember myself staying in and mechanically practising musical scales. All this ended up in a rehearsal with my band back then in which I decided to sit in front of the drum kit.

My years of study and research — which still continue today and which, if everything goes as planned, will continue for the rest of my life —, also showed me the path to academies of classic music and got me to Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda.

Throughout my career, I have played rock, jazz and experimental music. I had and still have the privilege to share projects with friends and great musicians, who I honestly thank for their constant and enriching exchange: Ramiro Osuna, Mariano Bertolini, Franco Fontanarrosa, Sergio Alvarez, Enrique Norris, Mu Sánchez, Ada Rave, Pablo Vazquez, Pablo Puntoriero, Santi Lesca, Amadeo Gallardo, Agustín Insausti, Maia Illa, Wenchi Lazo, Lobi Meis, Franco Barroso, Mariana Bianchini, to name but a few.