Workshop for bass players and drummers


Franco Fontanarrosa & Augusto Urbini
About groove, metrics, polirythms and improvisation

The workshop aims to work and give fluidity to the interaction and to the assembly of the rhythm section. Invites you to experience and develop a vocabulary about the construction of the groove, and promote the study and grupal creation.



Topics for discussion at the workshop:


- Groove

- Feel

- Exercises with metronome

- Concepts of rhythm forward or backward

- Timbre and expressive Differences on the same groove

- Concepts of composition and assembly of grooves

- Open a groove

- Points of resolution

- Use of grounds

- Sophistication by technical concepts of rhythm, timbre and subdivision

- Criteria on how to open a groove, when and for what purpose Metric and subdivisions

- Rhythmic Ear Training

- Pulse Subdivisions

- Metric irregular and their keys

- How to improvise on a metric

- Studies of irregular metronome metric displacements and modulations

- Clumps of subdivisions

- polyrhythms

- Metric superimposed

- Textures metric modulations, improvisation

- Development of the instrument timbre

- Improvisation unidiomatic

- Experimentation