Full Production

We begin to work with your band in the rehearsal room, helping you wrap up your songs to make them sound better in the playground of your musical expression. We work on performance, song structure and audio, in order to get to the recording stage in better shape. That is how we enter the studio with an enhanced material, ready tu just think about music when we hit REC. During the mix, we will work with reference tracks in our aim to find the suitable personality and way of sounding for every single artist. Within the mastering stage, we give the music a final touch, wether it is a single, en EP or an album, before we upload it to the streaming platforms.


You can come to Doyo and lock out the studio for a day, a weekend or a whole week. Our premier class drum kits (Sonor SQ2 and Yamaha Recording Custom) and the Drum Doctor service are always included, without any additional cost. You can check pictures and detailshere.


You can mix with us songs recorded in Doyo or in any other studio worldwide. You can listen to some of our mixes in the folllowing Spotify playlist..


If you mixed in Doyo, we give the songs the final touch to get them ready to be uploaded to the streaming platforms. If you mixed somewhere else you can reach us and do the mastering with us to get an awesome result.


Augusto Urbini

recording and mixing engineer

Martín Díaz

recording and mixing asistant.

Augusto Urbini: Owner of Doyo Estudio, he is a recording and mixing engineer that works in Doyo and other studios in Buenos Aires. He is in charge of all the productions that are run in Doyo. Urbini is also drummer and composer and does the drum doctoring in the recording sessions. With more than 20 years of experience in the bussines of music, Urbini offers all his technical and artistic knowledge to the artists to get the best result possible in every production. You can contact me for further details or to schedule an interview: 15 5344 2524. augustourbini@gmail.com

Martin Díaz: He works as a recording and mixing asistant. He is a guitarrist and a composer.



Así como cada proyecto es único y tiene su propio sonido y sus propias características, cada presupuesto y plan de trabajo, también. Por lo tanto, podés escribirnos a doyoestudio@gmail.com o al 15 5344 2524 para más detalles.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


15 5344 2524

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