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Our 5,40 x 4,20 recording room is professionaly trated and prepared for live recording. In every production our drum kits are included with no aditional cost, (Sonor SQ2 and Yamaha Recording Custom), as well as the Drum Doctor service, so we can assure a really pro and premier league drum sound, based on previous reference tracks. We count on an Avalon U5 DI for bass recording and an ISO box for guitar amps recording, which allows us to record a live session, without any kind of bleed. With Augusto Urbini as ingeneer and Martín Díaz as assistant, we offer preproduction, recording, mixing and mastering, as well as the upload of your tracks to Spotify and all the digital platforms, without any additional cost. Among others, we count on mics like Aston Spirit, Audiotechnica 4050, Shure sm81, Sennheiser 421, Shure sets y Audix sets, and preamps such as API, Neve, Audient, Fmr, Ovie and Rme. Ad Da convertion is RME.


Sonor SQ 2 Birch: Possibly the best drumkit in the world to record productions with modern sound, with powerful and controlled low end and beautiful top. Its twelve ply scandinavian birch shells provides us a controllled and super high fi sound with great focus. Kick: 22x17,5. Snare: 14x6. Tom: 12x9. Floor Toms: 16x16 and 18x18.

Yamaha Recording Custom:Also a birch drum kit, but with thinner shells with less plies, Yamaha Recording Custom is the more recorded drumset of all times and it gives us a more open an round sound, suitable for vintage recordings.
Kick: 24x14, Snare: 14x8. Tom:12x10. Floor Tom:16x16.

Microphones Condensers

PMB 87, PBM 114 , Ribbon PBM R1.

Aston Spirit: An awesome multipattern condenser with big diaphragm. Its our favorite for vocal recording, that makes us everything easier in the mix. We use it on accoustic guitars, cabinets or drum rooms as well.

Pair of Audiotechnica 4050:Classic large diaphragm condenser that we normally use on Overheads or rooms, and guitar cabs, with great results, due to his open frecuency response .

Pair of Shure SM81: Another unbeatable classic, perfect for controlled drumkits, normally our favorites for Overheads, accoustic guitars or even rooms.

Audiotechnica 450: Excellent small diaphragm, normally used in snare bottom.

Dynamic Microphones

Aston Stealth

Shure Set: Classic and flawless set of four 57 and one Beta 52.

Audix Set: A great alternative to the Shure Set, we choose Audix I5´s and D2 to get modern sounding drums or guitars, alongside with the perfect kick drum mic: D6.

Sennheiser 421: A super classic that doesn't need any kind of description, perfect for toms and guitar cabinets.


Our 500 series rack with different colours such as Neve or API, allows us to choose wich sound suits better for each situation, alongside with transparent choices like Audient and SSL, or our pair of neve sounding FMR Really Nice Pre.

Tracking room

The tracking room (5,40 x 4,20) is profesionally treated to be able to record different kinds os music, from jazz to tight rock or metal. We count on an ISO Box to record a guitar amp without geting its bleed in the drum mics, that makes possible to record live performances. .

Conversion y Speaker

Conversion: ANTELOPE ORION 32 plus,

Speakers: Eve Audio 207.