You can come to Doyo to learn from our skills and experience as well. We offer the following Workshops. You can take them personally or on line.

For further information please contact us!

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Drum Tuning

Learn how to listen to the resonance of drums and how to tune them accord to any specific style.


In weekly individual or grupal lessons, we work on:
Accoustics: How to make a practice or recording room sound better?
Recording: Close miking and distant miking techniques to record drumms, cabinets, vocals and percussion. Gain staging, routing, Pro Tools.
Mixing: How to use EQ, compression, effects and saturation and make an in the box mix sound PRO.
Mastering: What is mastering and how to get a profit of it.

Drum Doctor

We offer an eight hour Workshop in which we teach you how to tune drums (toms, snare and bass drum), and the relationship between tuning and music styles, and different kinds of heads and woods. In the second part, we will turn the recording studio on and we will tech you different kinds of miking techniques for drums, as well us lots of tips to make your production sound awesome and creative.

Mixing Workshop

We open a recording session in Pro Tools and we do a whole rock mix in an eight hour workshop in which you can not only witness how we mix; you can also ask questions and we can talk about what you find difficult in your daily life with this beautiful and sometimes hard job of mixing and producing music.